Dumb Sh*t You Shouldn’t Put Up With In A Relationship

Watch out for these relationship red flags.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Relationships are about compromise, but let's be honest, sometimes we allow things that we shouldn't. You know the drill: One minute you're in a lovey, dovey relationship and the happiest girl in the world. The next, you've turned into an anxiety-ridden stalker who isn't sure if anyone will ever love her again. Don't be a doormat. Love yourself and never put up with this sh*t in a relationship. 

Your Text or Phone Call is Ignored for More than 24 Hours

Everyone is busy and it's silly to expect your significant other to drop everything every time you text or call. A delay in response is expected. One hour is fine. Two hours is understandable. Even 12 hours is okay before you see the little iMessage bubbles show up. But 24 hours or longer without making the hotline bling is not cool. It's intentional, disrespectful and makes even the most calm and collected of us go full psycho. 


Unless you're dating a magician, there's nothing cute about vanishing. Ghosting--or going completely silent--is rarely valid unless your significant other is stuck in an underwater cave with no reception or Rihanna has captured them and made them her love slave. A lot of times, people ghost to avoid uncomfortable conversations or tension. Guess what? Life is hard. Suck it up and talk it out.

Work, Work, Work

I'm a workaholic but I make time for people that matter to me. The person who uses work as their perpetual get-out-of-relationship card is either not into you or legitimately too busy to be with anyone. Either way, it's not something you need to tolerate. If Beyonce can make time for Jay Z, your significant other can make time for you.

Flake 'n Bake

Flakiness is one of my personal pet peeves. Flaking the same-day is another way of saying that "better" plans came up. 

Creating Love Triangles

If your significant other is constantly flirting with their coworker, comparing you to an ex or attemping to drum up jealousy, it's a bad sign. Leave triangles in geometry.

Refusing to Make it Official

When did putting a ring on it become so bad? If someone loves you and is truly committed to building a life with you, they want to make it official. Yes, there are some commitment phobes and people who just don't believe in institutionalized relationships. But for the most part, your average Joe or Jane wants you to him/herself. If you've brought up the topic of commitment and your significant other gets squirmy, it's not you--it's them. Don't settle for anything less than you deserve.

Putting You Down

Do not date anyone who puts you down. If you feel disrespected, sad or just plain icky, leave. Period.

Ignoring Important Sh*t

We all have things that are important to us. Maybe it's something small like remembering your birthday or something big like respecting your feelings. Whatever it is, your significant other needs to acknowledge the important sh*t. If they're not doing that, why are you in a relationship at all?

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