Ever Wondered What The Ideal Penis Size Is According To A Woman?

This study has the answers.

By Jazzi Johnson

British medical website, Dred, conducted a study to compare preferences and expectations for both men and women about penises. Questions were surveyed to thousands of men and women across North America and Europe, including "In what ways does penis size matter?" and "Who feels it matters the most?" 

The study "Does Size Matter" found some interesting results.

First, women have lower expectations about what the average sized penis looks like. Of the 973 women surveyed, the perceived average penis length is around 5 inches (13.8cm, as described in the study). Compare that to the 1,148 men surveyed whose perceived average penis length (of themselves, mind you) is about 5 and a half inches (14.1cm). What's the most interesting here, however, is the following question: the ideal penis length.

While both men and women's ideal penis length were larger than the assumed average size, men tend to have higher expectations of their own reproducers than women. Women's expectation tend to land around 6 inches (15.8cm) for their ideal penis, while men's expectation is more than 6 and a half inches (16.6cm).

The lowest overall expectation in the study goes to men and women in the United Kingdom at 4.8 inches (12.4cm), and the highest overall expectation goes to Austria at nearly 7 inches (17.6cm).

Other questions were explored as well, such as male satisfaction with their penis size, women's dependence or need for a certain sized penis, and more.

There are, however, a few loopholes in the study that have raised some eyebrows. The participants' sexual preference were not taken into consideration, along with ethnicity. These two factors leave room for a variety of interpretations, as they could certainly sway the results based upon cultural and sexual preferences. Still, it's a rather intriguing and insightful study. Check out some more of the charts below and click here to read the study in full.

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