Everybody Is Doing The #SouljaBoyChallenge And It's Embarrassingly Hilarious

Soulja Boy claims he thwarted a home invasion like an action movie hero, but not everyone believes him...

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Soulja Boy says he's a hero— but not everyone believes him. The rapper claimed that he thwarted a harrowing home invasion in Atlanta by shooting burglars multiple times. Wearing sunglasses, he tells the very dramatic story to VladTV.

"All I hear is BOOM!" he says. "I see like three, four n----s running through the crib." He then shares how he started shooting, "Bow. Bow Bow." The rapper claims he even shot one of the robbers.

It sounds pretty dramatic but did it really happen? Several skeptics, wondering how true the story is, have launched the #SouljaBoyChallenge. The hashtag features people like rapper Joe Budden and comedian Mike Epps retelling their own fictionalized robbery tales inspired by Soulja Boy.

In Joe Budden's version, he walks on water and involves Jesus Christ.

Mike Epps' version includes a Soulja Boy dance break.

Comedian Michael Blackson has on a furry coat for his.

Watch more funny challenge videos here. Or, you can follow the other shenanigans Soulja Boy is up to while beefing with Chris Brown here. So much entertainment, this one provides.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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