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Everyone Is Hinting At Tristan Thompson's Baby Without Admitting He Was Born

Playing peekaboo.

Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian seem Kozier than ever, so it was probably pretty awkward when Thompson got the call that his ex-girlfriend was in labor with his baby. They both knew it was coming, but there’s a difference between knowing your sweetie is about to have a newborn with someone else and actually seeing that child in his arms. It looks like that’s what Khloé’s doing this week though.

BET did some investigating, and various social media accounts seem to indicate that Jordan Craig and Tristan Thompson’s love child was born on Monday, December 12. Baller Alert reported the date on Instagram:


And Jordy C posted herself about missing her baby bump just a couple weeks ago:


Also, an unverified Twitter account said to be Jordy’s shared a tweet on December 15 that says, “I love you oh so much,” which set off a bunch of “congrats” replies.

This is all pretty circumstantial evidence. Until I see Khloé Snapchatting pics of baby feet, I won’t be sure this kid is amongst us. You know the Kardashians loves playing mom to their boyfriends' kids.

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