Everything We Learned About Dating From Beyonce Lyrics

Listen up, single ladies

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Beyonce knows a thing or two about love. From teenage crushes to lust at first sight, her discography is a blueprint for all matters of the heart. Whether you're single and fabulous or ready to tell your good-for-nothing man to pack his bags and head to the left, here's everything we learned about dating from Queen Bey's lyrics.

Take it slow

Don't rush love. It's hard but take it sloooow in the beginning.

"Out of all the guys that approached me/Walking up to me like they know me/You were the one that stayed asideWaited a while and took your time"-"Summertime"

Friends first

Friends make for the best lovers. Get to know your boo--maybe ride a motorcycle--and build a strong foundation.

Lyric: "I wanted more than just a man/I needed a friend/Someone I can talk to/Someone who'll really listen"-"Summertime"

Play hard to get

Don't be afraid of being wooed. Play a little hard to get in the beginning to test the waters.

Lyric: "Sending me a drink ain't appeasing/Believe me/Come harder this wont be easy/Don't doubt yourself trust me you need me"-"Upgrade You"

Be nice

Make sure that you let your new boo know that they're awesome. A little compliment--or meal--goes a long way.

Lyric: "Baby I see you working hard/I want to let you know I'm proud/Let you know that I admire what you do"-Cater 2 U

Tell your friends

Share your love with the crew. Don't worry, they may not understand it.

Lyric"When I talk to my friends so quietly/'Who he think he is?'/Look at what you did to me"-"Crazy in Love"

Make it official

Making it official is important. Put a ring on it.

Lyric: "I just wanna say, you're mine, you're mine/I just wanna say, you're mine, you're mine"-"Mine"

Keep it sexy

Be a naughty girl behind closed doors--or out in the open.

Lyric"Im feelin' kind of n-a-s-t-y/I just might take you home with me/Baby the minute I feel your energy"-"Naughty Girl"

Be a ride-or-die chick

Support your boo at all times, Bonnie.

Lyric: "And so I put this on my life/Nobody or nothing will ever come between us/And I promise I'll give my life/My love and my trust if you was my boyfriend"-"'03 Bonnie & Clyde"

Live happily ever after

Go enjoy your fairytale ending. 

Lyric"They can take me/Now that I found the places that you take me/Without you I got nothing to lose"-"Part II (On the Run)"

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