Experts Say Asexuality Should Be Officially Recognized As An Orientation

Researches claim that around 1% of the population are asexual.

Sexuality is vast and infinitely complicated, and the idea of putting our desires into a handful of discrete categories is kind of ridiculous from the start. Nonetheless, Canadian experts are now suggesting that their Census should include asexuality as an orientation. They are claiming "that around one per cent of the population is asexual."

“We surmise that the available evidence points to asexuality being best conceptualized as a unique sexual orientation,” say the researchers in the latest edition of Archives of Sexual Behaviour.

"It is most likely that the best part of a million British residents are asexual, yet we have almost no data that sheds light on the causes of asexuality, its correlates or the implications of identifying as asexual," said the experts, calling for more research in this area.

The new report also advocates the legitimizing of asexuality as a recognized category in order to “challenge much of the stigma and myths that suggest asexual individuals are just celibate, or that this is some kind of manifestation of psychopathology or trauma.”

The researchers have also put together an open letter to U.K. Office of National Statistics in order to encourage changes in the Census going forward.

Asexuality has been a hotly debated topic in recent history, with many asexuals hoping to be included in discussions of LGBTQ rights. Not everyone is on board with this idea, with some claiming that asexuals do not face the same kinds of discrimination and violences that other sexual minorities are subjected to.

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