Facebook Is Adding A Dislike Button. Here Are 15 Posts That Deserve A Thumbs Down.

We're looking at you, girl-who-posts-way-too-many-gym-selfies. 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Well, it's about time. Facebook will finally be adding a "dislike" button so now instead of just ignoring the stupid things your old high school lab partner posts, you can actively let them know that you think they're an idiot - all without ever having to actually say it. Don't you just love social media? Anyway, here are 15 Facebook posts we can't wait to dislike.

1. The "I'm So Drunk/High Right Now" Post

You may be wasted, but not so wasted that you don't have the energy to brag about it on social. So you've just had your fifth shot of tequila. What do you want, a trophy? Literally no one cares.

2. The "I'm Quitting Facebook" Post

These are usually accompanied by vague-yet-pointed reasons that involve being "so over it." If you're going to deactivate your account, just do it, and don't expect people to beg you to stay.

3. The "Here's Another Photo of Me and My Boyfriend Kissing" Post 

I mean, you guys just started dating last week, but whatever. I'm totally interested in all of these PDA photos you keep uploading at all hours. And by interested I mean I literally could not care less.

4. The "Isn't My Life So Perfect" Post

"OMG waking up to breakfast in bed. Love you Matt! #blessed." Like, I can not even. Please stop acting like you don't lie awake at night questioning your every life decision like the rest of us.

5. The "I'm So Thirsty But I Think I'm Being Subtle" Post

You know the type. She's always posting things like "Just wishing a certain someone was here with me *heart emoji, winky face*." Like, seriously. If you want a specific dude to call/text/date you, then go tell that specific dude, and stop causing everyone else secondhand embarrassment by making us witness your embarrassingly obvious thirst.

6. The "Women Always/Why Do Men" Post

Ok, so you obviously have issues with the opposite sex. Get some therapy and stop trying to bait others into joining you in your bitterness, because that is not a good look.

7. The "Thirst Trap" Post

Otherwise known as photos of guys who are pretending they aren't flexing as hard as they possibly can in that muscle tee.

8. The "Look At My Starbucks Order" Post

Attention everyone I knew in college: I will never, ever care what you ordered at Starbucks. Ever.

9. The "Vague Song Lyric" Post

I'm not about to sit here dissecting this random Coldplay lyric in order to figure out what your problem is. Dislike, dislike, dislike.

10. The "Gym Selfie" Post

Yes, we get it - you went to the gym today, and you want to not-so-subtly show off your sports bra cleavage. I'm all for it, but save it for Insta, boo boo.

11. The "Here Are My Gross Misogynist/Racist Opinions" Post, Courtesy Of A Friend Of A Friend

Otherwise known as the kind of thing that makes you question the person who actually is friends with the original jerkwad who shared these disgusting opinions. How did this garbage end up polluting my newsfeed?

12. The "Dudes Complaining About Duckface" Post

We get it: you hate when you can tell that girls are trying to look pretty because you want to hold on to the myth that pretty girls never try to look pretty. Go away forever, please.

13. The "Embarrassingly Old Meme" Post

I'm sorry, but this was all over Tumblr like two months ago. You're late, and this joke is played out.

14. The "I Don't Believe in Spoiler Warnings" Post 

We all know that person who acts like spoilers aren't a big deal. We know the truth, though - spoilers suck, and if you ruin the new episode of Game of Thrones for me without even being apologetic about it, you're lucky if I don't defriend your trifling behind on the spot.

15. The "Embarrassing Childhood Photo" Post (Thanks, Mom!)

See mom, this is why I didn't want to be friends with you. You did not have to put me and my acid wash overall days on blast like that.

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