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Farrah Abraham Supports Donald Trump Because They Have One Thing In Common


Just because someone is rich and famous, doesn’t mean we should be looking to them for answers. Especially when it comes to voting. If for some reason you were planning to check in with Farrah Abraham before you get in the voting booth, here’s a spoiler: she’s pro-Donald Trump.

Paparazzi followed Abraham through LAX, quizzing her about online drama and the upcoming election. One reporter asks how she’d feel if Trump became president and she replies, “Good for Trump. I think Trump’s gonna be a great president. And Hillary’s a great woman too.”

They ask more specifically who she plans to vote for, and who would be the best president for her daughter’s future. Though she tries to stay coy, she can’t resist saying, “I honestly think, the Clinton family has already been in there. For my daughter, I think Trump would be..I’m a business person.”

Abraham is a business person. Trump is a business person. They’re two business people doing the business, like shilling weight loss tea on Instagram. The gossip guys ask about that notorious Instagram shot as well, and Abraham insists that her daughter wasn’t drinking the tea. She says, “She was drinking strawberry milk.”

Now do you know who to vote for?

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