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Farrah Abraham Says Amber Portwood Is Faking Her Exit From 'Teen Mom'

It's a clash of the dramatics!

Amber Portwood said on Friday that she would not be returning to Teen Mom, as producers hadn’t addressed her complaints about fellow grown teen mom, Farrah Abraham. Since the two of them actually came to blows, there obviously are serious problems on set—but they’re the kind of problems that make compelling TV!


Farrah Abraham gave a statement to US Magazine on Portwood’s defection, and it definitely doesn’t sound like she’s interested in making nice for the sake of luring her nemesis back to the show. She says, “I’m out of the drama. None of the girls will quit — they like the attention, need the money and their boyfriends need the money too much to quit.”

She added, “I get Amber is embarrassed of her actions, but she flip flops and will be right back to filming. This is dramatic. She can quit and not make it public if she really was done.”

So, is Abraham right? Is Portwood’s public announcement just another ploy for attention and money? Even if it is, it’s pretty rich for Abraham to accuse anyone of being over-dramatic. Honestly, these two belong together, and if Abraham is right, we may get to see them reunited again real soon.

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