Farrah Abraham Says She Has MTV In The Palm Of Her Hands Following The Fight

And Amber Portwood popped off on social media.

Professional reality provocateur Farrah Abraham has a lot to say about the fallout of the controversial reunion episode of Teen Mom. Following a physical fight with co-star Amber Portwood, Abraham spoke to Us Weekly about the ways that MTV is placating her and her father.

“I didn't have to attend the rest of the reunion or specials [because of what I consider Amber’s] criminal behavior. MTV legal has said I no longer will ever have to work with or around Maci, Catelynn or Amber … They are not to be trusted, and the network knows how to keep them sequestered together and myself separate from now on,” said Farrah.

On her father's involvement in the fight, Amber said this: “MTV is covering the costs to fix my dad's hearing aids, as well as all leg injuries and other bills and casts that were requested by my dad's lawyer since MTV knew and put my family around criminals and the instigated fight. MTV is diligently keeping my dad happy so they hope my dad won't press charges but has every right too.”

Meanwhile, Amber took to Instagram to air her complaints about what she saw as unfair editing on the special:

She continued on Twitter:

MTV has not commented on either statement.

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