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Farrah Abraham's Instagram Pic Of Her Daughter In A Bikini Caused An Uproar

Was it warranted...or do people really just don't like her?

Farrah Abraham is usually the instigator of a situation — particularly if it involves the Kardashians or some over-the-top racist comments that leave people ready for her downfall. That may or may not be the reason why she was mother-shamed after posting a picture to Instagram of her daughter Sophia in a bikini.

For some context, a year ago, the internet set ablaze when Farrah was called out for having her daughter wear makeup for her school pictures. Many were upset, saying that her daughter would grow up believing she needed to enhance her looks to achieve beauty.

Then two months ago, Abraham found herself in the center of criticism again after she had her now 7-year-old daughter model for a bikini line. Using the hashtag "#mommager," she was called out for focusing too much on her daughter's looks, and not allowing her to just live her life as a little girl. Not to mention the fact that her daughter has her very own Instagram page.


But it seems that Abraham's not interested in hearing (or caring) about any of that. Fast forward to now, Instagram was up in flames the other day when Abraham posted a picture of her daughter that is still causing a lot of talk on both sides — opposers and defenders alike.

In an apparent self-made ad for the premiere of the new season of Teen Mom OG on MTV, she chose a pic of her daughter posing in a bikini and placed the information of the show alongside it. The young girl is obviously having fun, smiling, and posing in front of a pool, but some say that Abraham is borderline "exploiting."

"Pedophiles be like yeeaaa!!" wrote one Instagrammer. "It's disgusting how she's turning her daughter into her....wanting her to do a sex tape...a child shouldn't be posing like this, she should be playing with dolls. And shouldn't be wearing make up. #outrageous," wrote another. "Nothing says sexy like a 7 year old who's mom WHORES her out to make a quick buck," said a third.

But no one's voice overrides the other. The internet is also riddled with supporters, mostly from others who are parents as well.

"I'm the mom of 2 girls. Nothing wrong with this sassy little bit. Too cute," said one reply. "People are acting like someone doesn't make and sell these two pieces for kids...you think this is the only child in the world wearing it?! How about you stop pushing your own perversion onto children and relax, have your own child and don't even put them in shorts because that may be deemed 'sexy,'" said a second. "Only because her mom's famous we care i have a pic of me and my bff around same age doing same pose thats what lil girls do as long as her moms protecting her who cares," a third sounded off.


Farrah has yet to respond, but they all seem to make fair points. Who do you agree with?

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