Fifth Harmony Member Quit Twitter After Trolls Lynched Her On Photoshop

Horrible trolls continue to take space on Twitter.

By Aimée Lutkin

There’s nothing we all love more than drama when it comes to celebrities. Some drama is fun! Some is not. Fifth Harmony member Normani Kodei had some drama manufactured about her that has definitely tipped into the ugly space beyond drama, and it’s driven her from Twitter and interactions with her fans.

After a Facebook live interview in which a few people thought she waited a moment too long to compliment one of her fellow singers, Camila Cabello, Kodei was inundated with harassing tweets. They quickly became filled with racist rhetoric and even photoshopped images of Kodei being lynched:

We don’t really know if Fifth Harmony is in perfect harmony as friends, but they’re all pretty professional as co-workers. Cabello came forward and tweeted that she was sick of the threatening message aimed at Kodei as well, writing, “You don't have to hate on somebody else to support me- I don't appreciate it and it's not what I'm about.. Be kind or move on.”

As for Kodei, she shared a long message about how hard she works, how much she cares about her bandmates, and how she’s sick of how the media spins every little thing so that it gets jumped on by trolls:

She also announced to her fans that she’ll be leaving Twitter for awhile. Though being in the public eye has made her tough, she says the racially charged nature of the harassment has been too much for her. She thanked Twitter for responding, but still needs to take a break:

This story is another example of how women of color on Twitter are drawing the most ire and hatefulness just for being public figures. Much like Leslie Jones, Kodei needs a break and all our support.


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