Finally, A Dating App For Haters

Soulmates totally hate the same things.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

You hate that? Me too! Dating apps try to match people on common interest but what about common hatred? Hater is a new dating app that believes that your soulmate dislikes the same things you do.

The app's algorithm links you with people who hate similar things. Daters swipe across a variety of stuff from say, Donald Trump to cargo shorts and paying extra for guacamole. Swiping is anonymous and you only match when haters both swipe right. 

"It started off as a joke, a wouldn’t-it-be-funny-if and then we kept playing around with it and it seemed like it could work as an actual idea," its founder says. "People seemed to come together around things they hate. It surprisingly brings people together. And then I did some research on it and there are actual studies that show that hating on things brings people a lot closer. And they’re willing to be more honest and open about things they hate. We thought it was a good contrast to other lovey-dovey things out there – I like art, I like surfing – but who really cares?"

According to Ask Men, the app launches on February 8; just in time to find your Valentine's Day hate-mate.

[Photo: Pexels]

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