First Ever Intersex Birth Certificate Issued In America

A milestone!

Gender rights just got a huge win. The first intersex birth certificate has been issued in the United States this week. According to Cosmopolitan55-year-old Sara Kelly Keenan finally received a birth certificate in New York state to reflect her sex.

Kennan was born intersex, meaning she has both male genes and female genitalia, and she identifies using the female pronouns. She announced her new birth certificate with a photo of herself rocking a shirt that read, "Intersexxy and perfect." "Not all intersex people will choose to identify legally as intersex," she tells NBC Out"Not all parents will choose to have their intersex child identified as intersex on birth documents. But for those who do, the option must exist."

This is a landmark annoucement. Previously, every person born had to have a male or female categorization. When Keenan was born in New York City, her parents and doctors marked her as a boy. She was later given a female birth certificate as well.

The topic of a third gender option is coming up in several states. Jamie Shupe of Oregon changed gender from female to "non-binary" this summer. Intersex people are not the only ones interested in changing their gender on their birth certificates and other legal documents. Many simply feel that they can't fit into either of the categories currently available.

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