FLOTUS Raps To Keep Kids In School

Michelle got bars. Watch.

By Eric Shorey

It's pretty hard to imagine any first ladies spitting dope rhymes. Barbara Bush ain't got bars. Hillary Clinton definitely ain't hard like that. But Michelle Obama? Michelle can serve.

As part of the Obama administration's "Better Make Room" campaign, which (according to Reuters) aims to address the dropping rates of college kids finishing school, Michy O (cool nickname I just made up!) is teaming up with comedian and SNL FLOTUS impersonator Jay Pharoah to drop some sick beats.

Are the lyrics any good though? “If you wanna fly jets, you should go to college / Reach high and cash checks? Fill your head with knowledge." Ok, maybe she's got some work to do. But her heart is in the right place! And her flow is on fleek.

"I want to honor and empower young people who are working hard in school and pursuing their dreams - and I want to do it in a fresh and fun way," said the First Lady in a statement about the new track.

Check out the video for yourself, below!

Meanwhile, it shouldn't exactly be a suprise that the Obama family is invested in hip-hop culture, considering The POTUS himself recently named Kendrick Lamar's "How Much A Dollar Cost" as his favorite song of 2015. Michelle's top jam: "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars of course.

Other Obama family faves were discussed in a Rolling Stone article, which also delved into The Pres's love of Ridley Scott's The Martian and Michele's adoration for the TV show Black-ish.

We're all really going to miss this family when Trump becomes president next year.

h/t: Jezebel, ONTD

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