Football Player Alli Alberts Shows How To Get Six-Pack Abs (Workout Video!)

I’ve always be known for (and proud of) my abs.  Despite gaining the “freshman 15” in college (cheesecake,not booze) and having a double chin (I kid you not—stalk my photos), I still had a flat stomach.  So yes, I am a bit of a genetic freak when it comes to my core, but please don't be envious. I wish I didn't develop a double chin after gaining 7lbs, but I have my Scottish heritage to thank for that. #turkeygobbler


I also began doing sit-ups in middle school after a coach of mine told me it was necessary if we wanted to play ball in college.  Hence, the crunches ensued. However, don’t freak if you haven’t been doing core work since the age of 10. You absolutely can still have a stomach like me. It just takes a bit of hard work, and a lot less cookie dough.  (Which is such a shame, because I really love cookie dough.)

First, it’s important to realize you aren't going to get a flat stomach by doing crunches. You are going to get thatby your diet. 

Fat doesn't care that you only want it deposited into your boobs and bum!  Fat is a free spirited wild child that goes wherever the HELLit wants!  So, if you've got a couple inches of fat you want gone, switch out that pizza for greens ladies and gents, and start filling those bellies with veggies.

What ab exercises can do is help you build muscle, and more muscle means burning more fat.  What I’m trying to say is…STOP DOING CARDIO AND START LIFTING. This will bring you the results you want much faster, I promise.

The core exercises I’ve demonstrated today will also help to get those characteristic three vertical lines down your stomach that every woman is after.  Personally, I like to spend more time on my obliques because I think a woman with great obliques looks damn good in just about everything. The side crunches and side planks I’ve demonstrated in this video are great for this!

These exercises really are a fantastic start. But if you want to know the real truth, this is just half of what I do at the end of every workout… and only as a cool-down.  That’s right, when I’m done with the rest of my HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout, I do 300 ab exercises to cool down (10 sets of 30 I’ve found to be the best way to break it up).

I hope you’ve all learned a thing or two about developing those six-pack abs, and your abdomen better be on fire by the end of my video!  If not, rinse and repeat.   If you have any other fitness, ab, or even tooth-related questions for me, don’t hesitate to tweet!  

(Editor’s note: Alli Alberts plays Wide Receiver for the Chicago Bliss in addition to being a General Dentist and Prosthodontic Resident. Catch her on Oxygen’s Pretty Strong airing Tuesdays at 10/9c and follow her on Twitter @AlliAlberts. Alli's abs workout is part of the 8-week Get Fit Challenge. Follow along with our beginners and advanced workouts, and share your fitness photos using #PrettyStrong via Twitter or Instagram for a chance to be featured on Oxygen.)

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