Football Player Nani Nwani Shows How To Get The Best Booty Ever (Workout Video!)

Most people are trapped in a world of "diet this" and "low-calorie that.” Don't follow fads!

(Editor’s note: Nneka "Nani" Nwani plays on the offensive and defensive lines of the Chicago Bliss. Catch her on Oxygen’s Pretty Strong airing Tuesdays at 10/9c and follow her on Twitter @getfitwithnani. Nani’s booty workout is part of the Get Fit Challenge. Follow along with our beginners and advanced workouts, and share your fitness photos using #PrettyStrong via Twitter or Instagram for a chance to be featured on Oxygen.)

Most people are trapped in a world of "diet this" and "low-calorie that.” Contrary to popular belief, low-calorie processed foods will not rid you of belly fat just like switching to diet soda or omitting soda won't get you the body of your dreams. Sorry. You’ll need to do real exercising for that. But first you need to get your diet right.

A true and purposeful diet is the only way—and I’m not talking about a "diet" in the over-marketed sense. What you are eating on a regular basis should be composed mainly (about 90%) of foods that come from the earth, not a can or box. A rule of thumb that I follow is pretty simple: If I can't look at it and tell what it is made of, then I don’t put it in my mouth. Eating a less processed diet will relieve many common intestinal issues and give you more energy throughout the day. Mark my words! Now, let's get to the exercises that will get you that perfect body (and booty!) as long as you’re eating right.

Sumo Squat

This move is great for the glutes, hips, and inner thigh. It's important to sit back into the hips for depth and drive up through your heels. These can be done with added weight, but body weight can also get the trick done. The key to sculpting your body is not to use crazy amounts of weight. Believe it or not, I've been able to achieve my results with hardly any weight I can go through an entire leg day and never use more than 60 lbs. Isolation and controlled movement are your keys to success, not heavy weight.

Donkey Kick Hydrants

This move can be a workout on its own, or it can be a warm up for most any lower body exercise. Most people moving though this world aren't using their hips! Don't be one of them. Healthy hips will result in easier/more efficient walking, running, and jumping. Efficient use of the hips can also prevent back pain, and most importantly give you the booty of your dreams!

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