Forget Concealer! Soon You'll Be Able To Print Makeup To Cover Up Your Flaws

Freaky or awesome? This smart mirror finds your flaws and prints makeup to cover them up

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Mirror mirror on the wall... Soon you can be the hottest one of all with this amazing, somewhat creepy smart mirror!

Makeup is getting a huge tech boost. We told you about 3-D lipstick but that's nothing compared to what's next in smart cosmestics. Panasonic's interactive mirror not only finds but fixes your flaws with printed makeup.

According to Engadgetthe mirror scans your face and decides what areas need cosmetic help (sun damage, spots, wrinkles, etc.) Then, a pad of foundation and concealer are printed out and applied onto the face like a temporary tattoo.  There's no makeup wasted and the process is meant to take out the guess work.

The mirror-which sounds both awesome and freaky-is available as a demo but there's still kinks that need to be worked out. The printed makeup needs to set for about a day before it can be applied. Then, there's the ego hit. The reporter who took the machine for a spin didn't expect his skin to be so harshly judged. Ouch!

Check out the scanning process in action:

UGLY. Here's everything that's wrong with my face. (According to Panasonic.)

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[Photo: Pexels]

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