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Former Miss Universe Blasts Donald Trump For Calling Her "Miss Piggy"

Miss Universe is fighting back for being called "Miss Piggy"

Alicia Machado is firing back at Donald Trump for his fat-shaming comments. The former Miss Universe has taken over the headlines following the first presidential debate, and she's opening up about how Trump shamed her for gaining weight when she was just a teenager.

"For sure he is not a good person," Alicia tells Inside Edition.  She refers to him as a bully and says that he bullied her, "all the time."

In 1996, Alicia was 19-years-old and crowned Miss Universe from Venezuela. Trump at the time owned the Miss Universe pageant. When she gained some 40 pounds a few months later, Trump was livid. He asked Alicia to embarrassingly work out in a gym in front of the media. She says that he called her "Miss Piggy" as well as "Miss Housekeeping" (a racist remark) to her face.

Now 39, Alicia says Trump's words made her feel “so fat” and “very depressed."

Alicia went on to star in telenovelas and became the first Miss Universe to cover Playboy. She's since moved to Hollywood and says that she's about to sign with a publisher to write her memoir. Ironically, she will become an American citizen right before the election. Let's hope she registers to vote in time!

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