Fox News Invited Two Men To Debate If Female Olympians Should Wear Makeup

"I like to see a person who wins that gold medal go up there and look beautiful."

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

During the Rio Olympics, athletes like Katie Ledecky and Simone Biles have been kicking ass and taking names. These female Olympians have wowed the world with their talent and strength, but you know what we really need to be talking about? How pretty they look while doing it.

Fox News outdid itself with a recent Sports Court segment. Host Tamara Holder decided to start a debate on whether or not female athletes should wear makeup at the Olympics, and invited two men to join her in the conversation, because who better to discuss what female athletes should be doing than two men who have never competed in the Olympics?

Mark Simone and Bo Dietl - a radio host and a former NYPD detective, respectively - had a lot of opinions on the topic of female athletes and makeup, because of course they did.

Mark started things off by offending every athlete in the world by saying that the whole point of the Olympics is to get product endorsements.

"The whole point of the Olympics, the whole reason for this training, for this work to get there, is product endorsements. Cosmetic companies are opening up a ton of revenue for product endorsements," he continued, I guess to illustrate that women should be wearing makeup while they go for the gold if they want to land a deal with L'Oreal.

"I think when you see an athlete, why should I have to look at some chick's zits?" Dietl chimed in. "Why not a little blush on her lips, and cover those zits. I like to see a person who wins that gold medal go up there and look beautiful."

That's literally the stupidest thing I have heard all week. He goes on to joke about men swiping on a little lipstick too, as if that makes his original statement any less sexist - it doesn't.

"Tamara, look how beautiful you are with that makeup," he continued. "What do you look like when you crawl out of bed in the morning? I'd rather have you now, the way you look. You look beautiful, and I think it just enhances the beauty of that athlete."

"I really believe that we all have opinions, and when someone looks better, people support that more," Dietl continued later. "Would you put money behind a gal that won the gold who looks like a washed-out rag? No."

Actually I would, because I don't describe people as looking like "a washed-out rag," especially when their appearance has literally nothing to do with what they're actually doing, but I'm also not an asshole, so.

Watch the whole video below, if you can stomach it. There's a truly cringe-worthy moment where it looks like they might actually talk about Eurocentric beauty standards and white privilege in the context of Anna Kournikova and Serena Williams. But then the moment passes and they instead talk about how women should wear more makeup if they want to make more money. Points if you can get through it without pausing the video to go scream at a wall (which I imagine getting into a debate with these two must feel like).


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