Foxy Brown Goes In On VH1 For Leaving Her Out Of 'Hip Hop Honors'

She responded with a super shady Instagram post.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Could you imagine a world without social media? Without Instagram, how would we know when celebrities were mad?

Luckily, Instagram exists, and because of that, we now know for certain that Foxy Brown feels some type of way about being left out of VH1's Hip Hop Honors: All Hail The Queens. The televised event honored such legendary female emcees as Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott, Lil Kim, and Salt N Pepa.

Notice who's not on that list. If you feel like VH1 made an oversight in not even inviting Foxy Brown to at least attend the show, you're not alone; the rapper herself addressed the controversy on Instagram.

According to Foxy, it was the fans and their righteous anger on her behalf that led her to issue a statement. And what did that statement boil down to? That she (and Lauryn HIll) are not losing sleep over VH1.

"I Awoke This Morning, To Our Fans Across The World's TRENDING Outrage At (Reality Show Network) @VH1's Non-Inclusion Of LAURYN HILL & FOXY BROWN," the famed rapper wrote. "Anyone Recognized, Whether The Contribution Big Or Small I Applaud. Personally, I'd Prefer Being Held To A Much Higher Standard In My Walk, But Fans Went Ballistic; The PEOPLE Have Spoken!" Read her statement in full below.


A "higher standard," huh? Oh, the shade of it all.



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