Foxy Brown Was Robbed At The Airport, Caught On Camera

Foxy had an incident with an airport thief at LAX and says the personal items inside were valued at $100K.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Foxy Brown is livid at American Airlines right now.

TMZ reports that when the rapper landed at LAX last week, she was surprised to find that her Gucci luggage had been stolen off of the carousel. Losing expensive luggage is bad enough, but inside the suitcase Foxy had stored Birkin bags, diamond jewelry, and 8 pairs of high-end designer shoes, all together valued at $100,000.

Foxy rightfully issued a complaint with the airline, and though the thief was caught on camera snatching her luggage, the LAPD hasn't been able to identify the culprit yet.

Foxy isn't worried, though. She went ahead with her Palm Springs performance as planned, and told TMZ, "Let justice prevail!" A few hours later, she did announce to her family, friends, and fans via Instagram just how stressful the loss has been on her, although she remains hopeful. Read below.

🚨ATTENTION🚨 FAMILY, you know I'm an exceedingly strong woman and have endured what would've flatlined most; but I need to air out a very personal, disturbing VIOLATION (which we plan to address further publicly). Fans saw my performance at the PALM SPRINGS, CALI GAY PRIDE FESTIVAL last FRIDAY but what you guys didn't know...(trusting the investigative process takes it's course) is that I was ROBBED hours before the show (luggage stolen on videotape) at LAX AIRPORT for over 100K worth of my most valuable, LUXURY possessions at the @AMERICANAIR BAGGAGE CLAIM. Still, (filled with ineffable fury) I could NOT disappoint my LGBT FANS; mustered the strength to perform and lit the stage! Airport security was immediately alerted and we've spoken to Detectives, but the THIEF who's on CAMERA FOOTAGE is still on these streets!!! Material things can very well be replaced, but some items are true FOX VINTAGE and we're horrified that a week later we have NO answers. We intend to vigorously pursue until JUSTICE is served and my possessions found. My ABIDING FAITH IN CHRIST🙏🏽 kept me thru my most vicious storms, so to THIS just know I'm SUITED UP IN HIS ARMOR watch him MOVE! Not just the "protocol" of the AIRLINE but the slow feedback from law enforcement shocks the conscience. I'm definitely NO "conspiracy theorist" but we were there the night my close friend BIGGIE💔 was murdered and more often than not, HIP HOP stars are blatantly targeted or their plights swept under the rug. Cut from the cloth of the "go hard" who, (before FOXY BROWN ever existed) chose not to retreat but go hard, so every young black boy and girl is afforded swift justice when VIOLATED, gives us the fight to find this bastard. Thank You @TMZ_TV & HARVEY LEVIN WE JUST WANT ANSWERS! #WatchGOD @rachelnoerd

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