French Montana Got Dragged On Twitter After Bashing A Black Woman

His rant was unbelievably disgusting.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Is French Montana cancelled yet? His recent comments to a black woman on Twitter have landed him in some serious hot water, Refinery 29 reports.

So here's what went down: earlier this week, Twitter user @artdecoxxx tweeted, "The fact that French Montana thinks anyone cares about him," along with the sigh emoji. As far as negative opinions about celebrities go, it's pretty tame, but French Montana found her tweet and fired back with what I can only describe as a barrage of barely comprehensible misogyny.

"U musty crusty dusty rusty a*s hoe With them nappy a*s poetic justice braids take your c*m drinking D*ck banging a*s somewhere n be humble," he wrote.


We're not even going to get into the fact that he's telling someone else to be humble even though he had to have been searching his own name on Twitter to even come across this random, barely offensive tweet. Being so vulgar in his response and going after her for her braids being "nappy" was completely unnecessary (to say the least), but if you ask French, he's the victim in this situation.

"My son is black, and I was born in africa I lived there for 13 years. I ain't no punching bag, and I don't discriminate! Don't come for me," the Moroccon-born rapper wrote in a series of tweets defending himself.

"My mother is african queen and I was married to a beautiful black queen. All I did was defend myself if I [offended] anybody I apologize," he continued, adding that the situation was a "perfect example" of social media dragging your name through the mud even when you're "defending yourself and minding your business."


Telling a young woman to take her "c*m drinking D*ck banging a*s somewhere" is beyond disgusting and an insanely disproportionate reaction to what she tweeted, but what's perhaps even more troubling is that he sees nothing wrong with it and genuinely seems to think he's the victim in this situation. Unsurprisingly, French got dragged on Twitter for his racially-charged comments.


Montana later tried to shame people for calling him out during a call to The Breakfast Club, saying that people should be worrying about other things that are "really racist." You know, because people can only care about one messed up, racist thing at a time, I guess.

Self-righteousness is a helluva drug.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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