Fun Facts About The Beauty Queen-Turned-Cocaine Smuggler Who Bolted From Airport Security

She seems fun.

By Eric Shorey

Last week, a flight attendant named Marsha Gay Reynolds was subject to an unusual search at LAX airport -- considering that airline employees normally bypass security. After bolting instead of submitting, she was pursued, but she deftly escaped without the over 70 pounds of cocaine in her bag. Yesterday, she turned herself in.

This drug smuggler wearing Gucci kicks (smartly discarded as she raced for the exit of the airport) is quickly becoming an object of fascination as more details about her past emerge. Turns out Reynolds at one point was "a 32-year-old resident of Queens [...] a runner-up in 2007's Miss Jamaica World contest and a member of the NYU track team in 2004."

How one goes from being a pageant girl to scheming criminal is difficult to figure out, although some fun details have emerged from the story:

1) Reynolds' Guccis were a size 8.5 -- her track experience helped her dip out the airport without getting snagged by cops.

2) After escaping the TSA, she managed to board a flight to New York.

3) Homegirl's brand of yeyo was called "Big Ranch"

4) She kept condoms on her with the drugs (get it!)

5) Investigators had traced her phone but couldn't figure out what language she was speaking. Was it a Jamaican dialect or just some heavy Queens slang? We may never know.

Anyway, she seems fun! She'll be arraigned next week in Brooklyn.

Here's TomoNews' coverage of the story:

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