Future Files Counter Lawsuit Against Ciara, Calls Her A 'Flop'

Things are getting uglier than ever between the two co-parents.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Well, it looks like things between Future and Ciara are uglier than ever. Mere days after Ciara refused to say Future's name on camera, news has spread that Future has filed a counter lawsuit against his ex. As you might recall, Ciara started the court feud when she filed a lawsuit against Future back in February, suing him for defamation, slander, and libel. She's claiming that his repeated Twitter rants about her and their custody battle were all a ploy to hype up his own career.

TMZ reports that Future is firing back with a counter suit of his own, claiming that it's impossible for him to have damaged Ciara's career because she hasn't had much of one at all in recent years. Though he admitted that she has a "reasonably large" fanbase, he claimed that she hasn't won many awards since 2013 and called her last album a flop. Future is requesting that the courts force Ciara to stop badmouthing him, and wants her to pay his legal fees.

Oh, the shade of it all. Still, this would be a lot funnier if there wasn't a kid stuck in the middle.



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