Future Fans Are Salty About Ciara And Russell's Engagement

Never has bitterness been so hilarious.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Usually engagement news is met with congratulations, but fans of Ciara's ex Future are pretty salty about her engagement to Russell Wilson. Throughout Future and Ciara's public feuding, Future fans have dragged the singer's name through the mud, and the news that she's completely moved on from Future - to the point where she's actually marrying someone else - is bringing out the worst in some people. Just look for yourself:

Squares? Did this dude go to high school in the 1950s? That's not even the worst of it.

Because dating people in the past is equivalent to "getting around." I don't know what's sadder - that a picture of Ciara with a handful of men she's dated (including one whom she's currently engaged to) is supposed to somehow shame her, or the fact that someone actually took the time out to make this graphic.

Funny how Ciara only became a "whore" once she and Future split up, huh? Blasting a woman for getting married, and a man for choosing to marry her, has got to be a new level of pathetic. Stay mad, guys.

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