Future Has Reason To Believe Ciara Is Lying In Her Lawsuit, Demands Receipts

Or else he ain't paying.

By Aimée Lutkin

Yes, the lawsuit between Future and Ciara is still ongoing. Despite Future saying he wants peace between himself and his ex. Despite the fact that he also released a song that appears to criticize her anyway. Despite the fact that they have a lovely child together who is now calling Russell Wilson daddy...actually, when you lay it all out there it makes a lot of sense that they’re still fighting.

Ciara’s lawsuit against Future is for defamation and is asking for $15 million, which is a whole lot of money. Now, Future is trying to get some of it knocked off. According to TMZ, part of the suit alleges that Ciara lost $500k in a promotional deal with an international cosmetics company because all his trash-talking scared them away from working with her.

Future is asking to see the receipts because as of now, he believees there’s no proof that any such deals were in motion. She also hasn’t come forward with the name of the company that left her high and dry. Future is banking on the judge to dismiss part of her suit due to the lack of evidence.

$500k is a drop in the bucket against $15 million, but you gotta start somewhere I guess?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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