Future Responds To Ciara's Threat Allegations With A Single Tweet

Ciara claims that Future has been threatening the life of her fiancé Russel Wilson, but Future says otherwise.

By Aimée Lutkin

Future has responded to his ex Ciara’s court papers that reveal she lives in fear that he will attempt to do violence to her current fiancé, Russell Wilson. Right now her fears seems to be mainly founded on some threatening emojis and a few lyrics from Future’s track “Juice.” Of course, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors, and Ciara may have worse reasons for believing Future is capable of such acts. But without that context her complaints appear a bit overwrought.

The two had seemed to come closer to resolving their differences after a judge awarded Future more time with their son, and in response he dropped his counter-defamation lawsuit against Ciara. Obviously, she hasn’t dropped hers. And what’s Future’s response to all this drama?

Yep, a single tweet reading, “Wish everyone could move on like me...that's my only wish.”

Either Future is playing a very long con game or he really does just want to put everything behind him... Still, “Juice,” the song implicated in Ciara's complaint, was released only a couple weeks ago. He must have moved on since then, maybe in the last few days?

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