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Gabby Douglas Defends The Swimsuit Portion Of The Miss America Competition

Do you agree with what she had to say?

Beauty pageants have long been a source of debate: are they sexist, or are they harmless? In addition to the criticism the event itself always draws, the swimsuit portion, in particular, is often deemed as especially sexist and degrading.

Olympic superstar Gabby Douglas served as a celebrity judge during this year's Miss America pageant, and during the red carpet entrance that preceded the show on Sunday, sounded off on the controversy. It was actually one of the competitor's statements that really helped shape her opinion, Douglas shared.

"I was watching an interview and I loved what one of the girls said," Gabby said. "They don't think it's outdated because it shows their hard work. It shows, 'You know what? I'm confident in my skin.' And I really loved that answer."

Do you agree with Gabby? Can swimsuit portions of beauty pageants actually be about feeling empowered for the contestants?

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