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Gabrielle Union Defends Her Sex Life On Twitter

After she suggested that women ask their partners to do this in bed, Twitter lost it.

Gabrielle Union isn't here for any type of sex shaming.

Last week, the actress stopped by Sway's Universe to talk about her recently released memoir We're Going To Need More Wine. The topic eventually got around to sex, and Union encouraged women to make sure they're getting as much as they're giving, to put it politely.

"While a lot of women do enjoy providing fellatio, for sure there needs to be some cunnilingus," Union said, adding, "And then ask him to eat your ass."

"If you're going to be just offering blow jobs willy nilly there should be some pleasure you experience in return. It's only fair," she continued.

Union went on to explain the importance of reciprocity in sexual relationships, saying, "Listen, it's all about equality and a lot of times especially women feel like I'ma lose him if I don't do XYZ and there's never any thought to the woman enjoying, having any expectation of enjoying sex. I'm just a vessel for somebody else's sexual gratification, and we have to take that back. We have to demand equality everywhere."

Check it out.

Cue the pearl-clutching. Fans wasted no time speculating about Union and husband Dwayne Wade's sex life.

Union wasn't feeling all the sex shaming that was going on though, and addressed the debate about her sex life on Twitter.

"Judgment about sexual gratification is what keeps people sexually repressed & having uneven sexual experiences," she wrote in a series of tweets. "Whats shocking is that ppl are shocked that a grown ass woman has the balls to speak openly & honestly about sex. Y'all are comedy."

"I'm 45 & just got married, sooo my sexual experience covers DECADES lol my sexual life didn't just start with my 2nd marriage. God bless yal," she continued.

Check out Union's posts below.

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