George Zimmerman Gets Trolled While Auctioning His 'Trayvon Martin Gun'


"Racist McShootFace" trolled the disgusting sale and hilariously confused some Zimmerman supporters.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

George Zimmerman is trying to auction the gun he used to kill the unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin. Amid outrage and shock, it looks like his sale has been deservedly hijacked by an online troll. 

According to the APa user named "Racist McShootFace" bid $65 million for the weapon. Bidding on the 9-mm Kel-Tec PF-9 pistol began at $5,000. Zimmerman's listing said a portion of the proceeds would go toward fighting what the vigilante calls violence by the Black Lives Matter movement against law enforcement, combatting Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and ending the career of Florida's State Attorney Angela Corey (who led Zimmerman's prosecution).

The AP reports that the user "Racist McShootFace"--which is clearly a dig at Zimmerman--has been deleted. Critics of the insensitive and disgusting sale are rejoicing by the outlandishness of the high bid nonetheless.

Maybe someone should explain to them how trolling works.

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