Get "Extra Crispy" With Kentucky Fried Chicken's Very Own Sunscreen

Now you can smell like fried chicken at the beach.

There's nothing worse than getting sunburned. Kentucky Fried Chicken wants to make sure you never get "extra crispy" during the summer with its own fried chicken-scented sunscreen.

This week, the company revealed its special "Extra Crispy Sunscreen." According to First We Feast, the limited-edition SPF 30 lotion is designed to give you the perfect glow and leave you smelling like fried chicken. Yummy!

Very tanned actor George Hamilton shared the strange - and intriguing - sunscreen in a short video, playing the iconic Colonel Sanders. "My Extra Crispy Sunscreen doesn't just keep you smelling great," he says. "It keeps you feeling delicious!" 

The sunscreen is currently available on KFC's website for free. Although it may be tempting, do not try and lick your finger-licking skin. The sunscreen is not for consumption.

[Photo: KFC]


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