Get Pizza In A Box Made Entirely Of Pizza

Litter-free, edible packaging is the new thing...and it's delicious.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Have your pizza...and eat the box too. Vinnie's Pizzeria in Brooklyn has created the most delicious pizza delivery box of all time and everyone wants a slice.

According to CNETthe box consists of two square pizzas which keep the round pizza inside, nice and safe. You eat the pizza inside -- and then you eat the box. It's a green innovation of epic proportions. The only waste is that little, white plastic thing that holds the lid of the "box" up.


"Introducing The PIZZA BOX PIZZA. A pizza box made entirely out of pizza (and containing another small pie!)," says the company. "No waste, as it is all 100% pizza and 100% delicious. No more pizza boxes cluttering up your fridge or trash. Totally PIEodegradable."

Fans on Instagram are salivating over the PIEodegradable creation, calling it "genius." "You guys are real American heroes," commented one. No argument here. 

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