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Gilbert Arenas Thinks Nicki Minaj, Not Remy Ma, Is The "Queen Of Rap"

Then he ruins his very long Instagram essay with a sexist comment...

Add one more celeb to the #TeamNicki roster, guys. Everyone from Trey Songz to The Game has been weighing in on the ongoing feud between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma, and now NBA star Gilbert Arenas has publicly chosen the side of the woman he considers the true "queen of rap."

Yesterday, Arenas commented on one of Nicki's Instagram posts, writing, "Just face it...Nicki is the queen...her body of work proves it...Remy been out the game for 8 yrs and only has (70 secs worth of main stream music between all the way up and the remix) then to throw a diss track out and claim u the queen it don't work like that...u have to put in f*cking work like Nicki has."

"Making music ppl enjoy is what a rap artist should be about," he continued in another comment. He went on to explain why Remy made a huge mistake in coming for Nicki and effectively blackballed herself, writing, "How does she survive in hip hop if the main 3 crossover hip hop artists are all on the same team?"

The "main 3" artists Arenas is referring to are Nicki, Drake, and Lil Wayne, who of course all rep Young Money. Do you agree with Gilbert's take? Did Remy really shoot herself in the foot with this one?

But then, after all that theorizing, Arenas then decided to spout some nonsense about how he's a guy so he doesn't listen to "chick rap." Ok, then.

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