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#GlitterBeards Is Pretty Much The Best Facial Hair Trend Of The Year

Dudes are glitter-bombing their beards and it is magnificent.

Glitter beards are the latest trend to sweep Instagram, and it's exactly what it sounds like: men glitter-bombing their facial hair. "Why?" you might wonder, or even "How?" But none of that matters because the Glitterbeards hashtag is pure Christmas cheer + hot bearded dudes, and the result is glorious.
Don't overthink it - just let it happen, and thank social media icons The Gay Beards for making it into a thing. Just look at all the sparkliness:
Are you obsessed yet? If the answer to that question is yes (and not 'ew, no'), then you might want to check out bearded BFFs Bryan and Johnathon's (aka The Gay Beards) awesome #glitterbeard tutorial. It's a fun watch, even if you don't have a beard.
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