Goodwill Forbids Employees From Having 'Resting Kanye Face'

According to Goodwill execs, if you're channeling Kanye, you're doing something wrong.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt
Do you suffer from "resting Kanye face"? A Goodwill in Illinois is asking its employees to consider the vibe their facial expressions are giving off. According to TMZ,  a company newsletter was distributed that uses Kanye West to explain inappropriate facial expressions and workplace behavior, and a pic of the Kanye comparison is going viral. The message was clear: if you want to look approachable, don't channel Kanye West.
The newsletter went on to explain that there is hope for those who do suffer from "resting Kanye face." RKF remedies include making eye contact, keeping one's head up, and smiling "on occasion." Maybe there's hope for a cure after all.
In the meantime, Goodwill issued an apology to Kanye and his fans, explaining that they meant no disrespect. Kanye has yet to respond.
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