Grimes Is The Avant-Garde Pop Ingenue You Must See In New "California" Video

The exact half-way point between Lady Gaga and Bjork, Grimes has made an eccentric name all for herself.

By Eric Shorey

The exact half-way point between Lady Gaga and Bjork, Grimes has made a name for herself through her smart and eccentric bubblegum pop. Her newest video for the song "California" stakes her claim on The Golden State.

Directed by Grimes herself (with help from her brother Mac Boucher), the video is a hyper-colored ode to both art-world capitalism and her craft. Posing as a hard-working sculptor and an American Life Madonna-inflected pop star, Grimes playfully bounces from neon-lit scene to neon-lit scene. But it isn't all sugar and spice: the song's sometimes-silly sadness is palpable, too. "‘Cause I get carried away / Commodifying all the pain," she croons. “When you get bored of me, I’ll be back on the shelf.”

The video also offers a re-worked version of the track, with Grimes stating on Twitter that the song needed to be touched up after she saw the accompanying visuals:

Check it out for yourself:

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