Grindr May Add An HIV Status Filter For Users

How would this affect your use of the app?

By Jazzi Johnson

For those who actively use Grindr for dating and hookups, there's a possible new update around the corner that may or may not change how you feel about it.

According to some reports, Grindr has been surverying some of its users to test the possibile addition of an HIV-status filter, and they have screenshots to prove it. The SurveyMonkey poll has popped up for a few of the app participants, and three of them are very telling. "What is your current HIV status?" "Do you feel that the options above are inclusive of your current HIV status?" and "How would you feel if Grindr allowed you to filter the guys you see by HIV status?" See the image provided by SameSame below.

Most Grindr users tend to disclose their HIV status in their profile on their own accord. Still, it makes it a completely different ball game if you're able to filter out people based upon that status. The filter has been long implemented on dating sites such as BarebackRT and Manhunt according to SameSame, so it's not like it would be new -- just new for the popular app Grindr.

While the filter may have been helpful for a pre-PrEP world when it was originally created, today the question is: is it unfairly discriminatory and/or intrusive?

What do you think?


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