Gun-Toting Bad Girl Amber Meade: "Sometimes I Like To Dance With My Machine Gun!"

Amber told us the real story behind the best Bad Girl bust of all time -- plus, her thoughts on the BGC15 girls. 

By Eric Shorey

Last week, the original Firecracker of the Bad Girls Club proved she was packing significant heat after a heavily-armed live Periscope session was interrupted by law enforcement. Everything turned out fine following the locked-and-unloaded altercation, but we checked in with Amber Meade herself to get the real T on what went down. Check out our interview below!

So, in your words, what went down the other day?

[laughs] So I go on Periscope every day. I have a good following on there. I just will do random things on there. I like to do dangerous things because it keeps people interested. I even like to have people help me fix my dishwasher or dryer or whatever. I sometimes talk to people who give me advice and I sometimes give advice. And sometimes I like to dance with my machine gun!

No, I'm kidding. I was on Periscope, just randomly, kinda bored. I was waiting for someone else to get on, and someone randomly asked to see my gun. So I was like, OK! So I pulled it out – this Periscope wasn't just my regular people, I must have gotten featured. So all of the sudden there were 2,000 people.

And then this good song came on and I had to dance! I was just having fun, being silly. The gun was unloaded. I guess someone saw it and was scared and reported me to 911 saying I had an uzi.

How scared were you when the cops showed up?

Ya know, in the past I've had a real problem with authority. I've had some bad experiences with the police … I was actually really scared. My fiance is a little smarter than me. He's educated me on how to interact with the police …

It could have went down a lot differently! Who knows what the person who reported me could have said! They could have claimed I was threatening someone. The cops could have come in, seen me holding a gun – It could have went so badly. Thankfully they were really cool and very respectful. The gun is registered. It's a legal gun. We were in the privacy of our home. They were respectful of that I guess. Even though they barged in.

Four years ago, five years ago; it might not have went down that way. We handled it pretty well. It doesn't hurt that I popped out and was smiling. Once they realized I'm just an idiot they realized it was a waste of their time.

How has the reaction been in the media?

It's pretty funny, I've actually been working on my social media presence. Two days before that I was like, “Ok I'm gunna make an effort to get my following up.” A few people were like “Oh, you did that on purpose.” And I was like: No. No one would do that on purpose.

What I've learned is to use that exposure. So TMZ called me, and I made sure to have the sign for the bar I'm opening up in Maui in the background when I was live on TMZ. I'm figuring out how use the exposure that I get.

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Smart! Wanna tell us about the bar?

Sure! It's called The Dirty Monkey, opening in August. It's opening up in Maui, Hawaii on Front Street. It's just going to be a fun bar with whiskey and really good craft beer. We're going to be bringing a little fun to the island. Cause this island's a little bit slow. It's a little bit behind the times. So we want to bring a little bit of that L.A. flair out here, just a tiny bit. Bringing in some DJs and comedians. Have some fun events!

What else are you working on?

Well, I'm helping people. I work part time at a real estate company. What I do there is help people who are struggling to make payments on their mortgage...I've actually lost two homes to foreclosure so I'm pretty passionate about it. It's pretty neat, and I can get paid for it! So that's what I love.

Would you go back in time would you do it again? Do you regret doing BGC?

No! I don't live my life with regrets. I wish some things in my life after Bad Girls Club went better for me. I know being on Bad Girls Club was the only reason they went that way for me. But I've had a lot of other experiences, great experiences from being on the show as well.

Have you kept up with any of the girls from the show?

Yeah! I talk to Tanisha on a regular basis. She might come stay with me in L.A. for a little bit. That should be fun, right? When Tanisha and I get together we're pretty wild. It's pretty hilarious.

Also, Kristen Kelly from Season 5 is also a good friend of mine ... She was in Maui for her birthday visiting me during the police encounter.  After [the cops] left she came upstairs and we lectured everyone on Periscope about the Bill of Rights and how important the 2nd amendment is.

Are you watching the current season?

I don't really watch any of the Bad Girls Club anymore. I liked the old seasons where I felt like we had a little bit more redeeming qualities. These new seasons I get a little bit annoyed because I feel like they all do the same things over and over. Like: “Let's pull the mattress into the pool! Yeah that's original!” No one's original anymore. So I honestly don't ever watch it. I just feel like it's copycats.

But, Tanisha usually invites me to the reunions. So I went to this current season's reunion. The cast of this season is so interesting to me. I saw Diamond and Olivia on stage and I was like, “Holy crap! I need to watch this season!” So I'm watching now.

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What are your thoughts on the girls?

Yeah it's pretty crazy. The Olivia drama? With her cancer? I feel like that got blown a little bit out of proportion. Women get pap smears. You can get abnormal ones – it's actually pretty normal to get an abnormal one. And it's terrifying. I think what happened with her is she got an abnormal pap smear and they told her, like, you have evidence that you have this disease, that you might have cancer. I think that actually went down. I don't think they told her she had Stage 3. But I think they told her that it was pretty bad and it probably scared the crap out of her and she went on Web MD and started doing research. I think she just kind of self-diagnosed. Kind of blew it way more out of proportion cause she was scared.

I get upset because I don't like it when other people tell people how to react to bad news or how they should feel. It annoys me that people are like, “Oh, she doesn't have cancer. She should have gotten a second opinion.” But she could have just been scared! A lot of people find out they have issues and they don't get it looked into, they don't want a second opinion, they don't have health insurance, whatever. There's plenty of reasons. So I don't like people giving Olivia as much crap as she's getting.

It's unfortunate that all the girls in the house decided to go against her. And they sit and they ask her about it and she tells them and then they're like: “No. Nope. I don't believe you.”

I just think when you're on Bad Girls Club, a lot of the girls were picked on in school and bullied and when they get on the show it's very easy to try and link up with someone – and then you're 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 people deep you get into that group think mentality where you just turn into a bad person.

Outside the show I'm sure they're great, normal people but on the show – like when the girls jumped the replacements? And pretended it was a practical joke? It was insane! I find it a little ridiculous that you think you can do that to someone and they're not going to fight you back. Those girls were probably terrified! They didn't expect that! These girls brought hot cops! They were gunna take off their clothes! You're gunna do that to them? It's crazy! They were fun! You wanted fun girls and you scared them away!

And then they sit and brag about it! And only later after production steps in did they go “Oh, sh*t. I f*cked up.” We had experiences like that on our season too, where production had to step in and be like, “Hey, this is wrong. And this is why.”

One of those situations was because I got jumped. From like all the girls in the house. It was really for no reason. Production had to sit the girls down and be like, “Hey, what you did wasn't cool and wasn't right.” But in normal life those girls are good, normal, citizens. I'm sure they have issues, but you could meet any one of them on the street and you could say hi and you would really like them! It's just that show brings out the worst in people.

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