Gwen Stefani Out Of No Doubt, Drops New Single

Has Gwen stepped her game up on her own?

By Eric Shorey

Sure, the dudes from '90s pop-punk band No Doubt were cool, but were they anything remotely remarkable without their lead singer Gwen Stefani? Looks like they'll be asking that question to audiences rather soon: in the face of Gwen's solo career, it seems that the remaining members of the iconic ska group will be moving on without her. Instead, they're adding the lead singer of fellow alt-rock outfit AFI, Davey Havok, to their line-up.

From Consequence of Sound: "[The new group have] already recorded an album together, which they’re currently shopping to various record labels ... Billboard adds that they’ve hired Pat Magnarella (Green Day) to manage them, suggesting this will be more than just a short-term side-project. It remains to be seen what the new supergroup will call themselves, or when we might hear the album."

Meanwhile, Gwen ain't sweatin'. Her latest single, "Make Me Like You," dropped earler today. According to US Magazine: "The [former] No Doubt frontwoman, 46, who wrote the song herself, alludes to her heartbreaking divorce from Gavin Rossdale and finding hope again in the arms of her fellow Voice coach Blake Shelton. Following her split, Stefani bonded with Shelton, who was also grappling with the demise of his four-year marriage with Miranda Lambert."

The new track is standard, boilerplate Gwen Stefani pop: bouncy singing with a jaunty and simple beat, earwormy but totally inoffensive.

Check it out for yourself, below:

As much as we're rooting for Miss Stefani, she's going to have to step her game up with slightly better music if she wants us to remain loyal. What happened to the edgy sass of "Hollaback Girl"? Can we get early 2000's Gwen back? Or, better yet, mid 90s pink haired punk Gwen back?

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