Handbags Are The Worst, So I Ditched Them Forever

Put it in the bag.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Confession: I am completely handbag dysfunctional. "I'm thinking balls are to men what purses are to women," Carrie Bradshaw famously says in Sex and the City. "It's just a little bag, but we feel naked in public without it." Not me. Other women may feel vulnerable or outside of themselves without their bags, but I don't get the handbag hype. 

First off, it's so inconvenient! It's hard enough to pick shoes and accessories to match my #OOTD but now I have to think about finding a purse to complement it. Plus, let's not even talk about transferring all of your sh*t from one bag to another. How many times have you changed bags only to realize you forgot to move your favorite lipstick or gum? I've started buying duplicates of essentials just so I don't have to keep moving them between bags. 

Then there's the choices. Structured. Crossbody. Messenger. Clutch. There's so many options, and fashion experts continue to force feed us the "necessity" in having more, more, more! Any time I buy one, I get immediate remorse that I'm somehow picking the wrong bag. Am I a leather messenger girl or more of a leopard cluth girl? I need a picture to even figure this out.

Can we stop for a moment and discuss price? Handbags are EXPENSIVE! A plain ol' leather bag will run you around $200, which is pretty crazy given the fact that you can get an entire outfit for less (and the men's equivalent wallet is a fraction of the cost). If you want to show off designer labels, the price tag can run well into the hundreds and thousands for bags from Gucci and Balenciaga. We all know about the infamous Hermes Birkin bags which are behind crazy-woman frenzy. Even stars like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian have given into the Birkin thirst and shelled out over $10,000 per bag. There's your mortage payment slung around your shoulder--or on the floor, in Kim's case--which is freaking stupid. That is, if you can even get one. These bags have wait lists that run for yeeeeeaaaaars.

Grown women have the reputation of loving handbags. We're expected to salivate over buttery soft leather and alligator skin. Seeing the gold stitching of the Louis Vuitton logo is what dreams are made of, right? Some women beg, borrow and (sometimes) steal to get that coveted accessory. It's a source of pride-- and even competition for many. I totally get it. I just don't care. I'm okay never being a Carrie or Kim. A stylish backpacktote that fits everything-but-the-kitchen-sink or retro fanny pack are all perfect alternatives to carry stuff... without getting carried away.

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