Happy Birthday Michael Jackson! Here Are The King's Greatest Style Moments

Remember the time?

Happy birthday Michael Jackson! The pop icon would have turned 58 years old today. Throughout his historic career, Michael gave us incredible music, visuals and of course, fashion. He was edgy, interesting, and he got the entire world to wear just one glove. In honor of Michael Jackson's birthday, we celebrate his greatest style moments of all time.

Baby Mike

Michael Jackson has been a style icon since the very beginning. His retro afro and bellbottoms were so very groovy.

The Gloved One

If Michael Jackson were summarized in one item, it would be his famous sequined glove. When asked why he wore only one glove, he answered: "Why one glove? Cooler than two." The iconic glove was auctioned for $20,000.

Sibling Love

Michael and baby sister Janet Jackson were a powerhouse duo on 1995's "Scream. The two looked adorable in matching black and white outfits at the 1993 Grammys.

Fedora Fiend

Michael loved his hats. The fedora was one of his favorite looks and could be seen in music videos like "Smooth Criminal," onstage, and while he was just relaxing.

Smooth Criminal

White fedora. Gold pants. Pinstriped jacket. This "Smooth Criminal" inspired look was over-the-top and totally Michael.

King of Pop

Michael's gold and black outfit for the 1993 Super Bowl was fit for pop royalty. Beyonce paid homage to the look in her own Super Bowl performance in 2016. 

Fashion Thriller

"Thriller" is one of Michael's most epic music videos and the famous red jacket with the zippers has become synonymous with him. In 2011, the jacket sold for a whopping $1.8 million at auction.


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