Happy #NationalBestFriendsDay! Here Are 5 Things You Should Say To Your BFF

This is one of the made-up holidays we can get behind.

By Jazzi Johnson

Today is National Best Friends Day, and what better time is there to honor your best friend forever? They're available when youre crying, laughing, in love, thinking about keying his car, when you're jobless, when you're crash-couch-less, etc. Often times, though, through all of the events of our lives, we forget to say the important things.

Here are five things you should tell your best friend today. And maybe later, too. 

1. . I love you

We think it's known. We think it's felt. We think it's understood. But nothing beats just saying it.

2. . Go for it.

No matter what, remind your friend for life that - whatever it is - it's worth the try. Your success is my success.

3. . We are both capable AF.

The thing about friends is that we're able to see the greatest aspects of each other, but sometimes miss the mark when it comes to ourselves. The reminder that close friends are actually a reflection of each other is to say: all of the things you see great in me, you are and/or are capable of in yourself as well. 

4. . Am I in my ego?

Friends have falling outs. Even best friends. The only way to get over these difficult humps is to admit when we're wrong. Letting go of your ego in a friendship is to say: none of us are perfect, and I'm giving you the space to make mistakes, too. 

5. . Thank You

You will most likely end up crying when you say this one. Just a heads up.

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