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Will Kylie Jenner Be Sued For Stealing Ideas From Another Makeup Artist?

The similarities can't be denied.

Is Kylie Jenner headed for legal trouble?

According to TMZ, the youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan may want to lawyer up soon. Los Angeles-based makeup artist Vlada Haggerty is threatening to sue Kylie for copying her photos.

Haggerty's Instagram page is full of artsy makeup pics that accentuate the model's lips, and she claims that Kylie practically recreated one of her photos and used it to advertise Kylie Cosmetics.

Haggerty called Jenner out via Insta last week, writing, "Really @kyliecosmetics? Haven't you got enough 'inspiration' from me already?"


The side-by-side comparison does look pretty damning, but as TMZ reports, Haggerty may not have a legal leg to stand on, since it's mostly actual images that are protected by copyright laws, rather than ideas. Still, this isn't a good look for Kylie. The makeup maven has yet to respond to the controversy, but something tells me she'll be firing back at some point via one of her many social media accounts.

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