Have Tyga And Blac Chyna Finally Ended Their Feud?

The co-parents seem to be getting along at last.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Tyga and Blac Chyna have a long, dramatic history. In 2012, Chyna gave birth to their son King Cairo, and the two even got engaged before things went sour. They broke up, Tyga allegedly hooked up with Chyna's best friend Kim Kardashian's (then underage) little sister Kylie Jenner, and things have only gotten more tangled up since then.

Chyna upped the ante by getting engaged to and having a child with Kylie's older brother Rob Kardashian, and in the meantime, it seems as if things have continued to be not-so-great between Chyna and Tyga. Just a couple of months ago, Chyna went on a furious Snapchat rant about the rapper, basically calling him a deadbeat, but have the two finally buried the hatchet?

Maybe so. Miami.com reports that Chyna and Tyga were partying at the same nightclub over the weekend, though they didn't arrive together. Sources at the club reported that at one point Tyga looked up to the skybox where Chyna was, and the two smiled and waved to each other.

It's not a lot, and it definitely doesn't seem like enough to justify conspiracy theories that Tyga and Chyna are going to hook back up again just to spite their Kardashian/Jenner exes, but it's at least a far cry from Chyna calling Tyga a "b*tch" on Snapchat.


[Photo: Getty Images]

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