Here Are The Most Outrageous Cupcakes You Will Ever Eat

Celebrate National Chocolate Cupcake Day with these crazy desserts!

Today, we celebrate the deliciousness of sweet and ooey gooey chocolate cupcakes. Get your chocolate fix wit these outrageous cupcakes.

Bouquet of Cupcakes


Red roses are nice but cake is an even more romantic gesture. Who wouldn't want to receive a dozen chocolate cupcakes with rose-shaped icing?



Candy isn't the only way to celebrate Halloween. Spooky skeleton cupcakes are scary good. 

Classy Cakes


This is one fine and refined cupcake. Hazelnut icing adds a dimension of flavor. Plus, a litle Ferraro Rocher candy is the best way to chase it down. 

Cookies and Cream


Oreos aren't just for little kids. Chocolate cupcakes with cookies and cream icing is something even us big kids can enjoy. 

Emoji Cupcakes


What's the emoji for deliciousness?

All That Glitters


24 karat gold goes really well with 70% dark chocolate. 

Wedding Bliss


Cupcakes are becoming a popular alternative to the traditional wedding cake. This gorgeous, flower-inspired cake is pure, sugary bliss. 

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