Here's How Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian's Co-Parenting Is Really Going

Have they been able to push past all the drama for their daughter's sake?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Have Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian finally put all the drama behind them? Even back when they were still together, social media fights were par for the course, and after Rob's recent revenge porn-filled rant, it seems like things would only get worse between them.

Just look at TMZ's recent report claiming that Chyna was so pissed at seeing Rob driving the car that she bought for him that she actually tried to physically take it back from him; her lawyer denied this, though she did admit that Chyna said some "choice words" after seeing the car.

So, is any of this supposed drama taking a toll on Chyna and Rob's ability to peacefully co-parent their daughter? According to Chyna's lawyer, Lisa Bloom, the answer is no.

"Chyna and Rob are peacefully co-parenting baby Dream, as they have been since her birth," she told Page Six this week, after refuting reports that Chyna and Rob recently went to court over a custody dispute.

Chyna in particular has been vocal about her desire to maintain a healthy co-parenting environment for Dream.

"I would never try to take Dream from her dad," Chyna told Nightline last month. "Hopefully, me and Rob can learn to have common ground and be the best co-parents as we can be."

[Photo: Getty Images]

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