Here's How Kim Kardashian Got Her Insane Post-Baby Body

Kim just revealed her workout on Snapchat and it is insane.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Kim Kardashian has been going to town on Snapchat lately. Earlier this week she used it to post the most scandalous video of the year and to ruin Taylor Swift's life, and now she's spilling the secrets to her post-baby body.

If you thought it was easy for Kim to get to where she is now? You couldn't be more wrong. Her workout is so intense you'll feel fatigued just thinking about it. Check it out:


So let me get this straight... To look like Kim Kardashian, you have to do a 4-mile run, a crap load of planks an pushups and ab stuff, AND jump rope 1,000 times?

Yeah, no thanks. You gotta respect Kim's work ethic though.


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