Here's How Kim Kardashian Lost 42 Pounds Of Baby Weight

Here's the no-carb secret behind Kim's slim down from preggo to nude selfie. 

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Kim Kardashian is working hard at shedding her pregnancy weight. The reality star has already dropped 42 pounds (of the 60 pounds) she gained with son Saint West. Her secret? Going carb-free with the Atkins diet.

Kim's nutritionist, Colette Heimowitz (VP of nutrition and education at Atkins Nutritionals) broke down the calorie-cutting diet with Cosmo. A little hint: If you love white bread and cupcakes, then this ain't the plan for you. Foods Kim can't eat on her 1,800 calorie-a-day menu include: "Sugar, sweets, cakes, crackers, white flour, white rice," says Heimowitz. "The secret is [to] pick high-fiber carbohydrates that slow the release of sugar into the bloodstream. [So] instead of white rice you have a little brown rice. Instead of a white potato you could have a yam. And [when you want] dessert, you can make one with Splenda instead of sugar." 

Kim indulges with cheese but there are rules on how much of the stringy, creamy stuff she can inhale. "[Kim] is limited to four ounces of cheese a day," Heimowitz says. 


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If this all sounds way too restrictive, the dietician assures that treats like sour cream and butter are allowed in moderation. "These things aren't unlimited, but she can have them — just enough to keep you satisfied," explains Heimowitz. "[Because] a tab of butter on broccoli is way better than just boiled broccoli." You know what else is better than just boiled broccoli? A cupcake.

If you want to join Kim on her Atkins quest, here's a sample menu from the program. 


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