Here's How Michael B. Jordan Perfectly Responded To Gay Rumors

With class.

By Aimée Lutkin

There’s one thing that Michael B. Jordan has to say to everyone commenting on his sexuality: “grow the f**k up.” BET reports that a rant posted by Jordan and captured by the Jasmine Brand is a subtle denial about rumors that Jordan is gay. He never explicitly says that’s what he’s talking about, just that he’s been “comment creeping,” and apparently a lot of the commenters can’t believe a straight man could look this good:


In his rant, which is actually too chill to deserve that description, Jordan says that everyone needs to mind their own business and move on:

"I usually don’t comment creep but, you know, s**t today I got time. So look, whoever’s angry, bitter, upset for whatever reason, grow the f**k up ‘cause karma’s real. And I usually take the high road. I usually don’t say s**t, I just let it roll ‘cause people are going to be people. Everybody they opinion. That’s what the Internet’s for. They going to say whatever.”


He continued, “On second thought, why am I even giving energy to that s**t on this day. Y’all my fans. Y’all don’t need to hear me ranting about some BS. Enjoy your family, enjoy your blessings, enjoy the people you hold close and cherish that.”

He could honestly be talking about anything, because if there’s one thing the internet doesn’t lack, it’s terrible opinions. Michael B. Jordan’s sexuality has no impact on anyone’s life except those of his lovers. Whether he’s gay or straight, the chance of being one of Jordan’s lovers remains the same for most of us: zero.

That’s a sad, grownup fact we just have to deal with.

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